Congratulations to Andy Crabtree and his Son Drew Crabtree for winning the Paducah Bass Club River Tournament May 5, 2018 . With 14.74 lbs with Big Bass at 4.12 lbs.

Also a congratulations to new Paducah Bass Club members for their Second place finish Ricky Bunch and David Meng.

Paducah Bass Club Members Andy Crabtree and Kenton Kissel, Winners of the 1st Paducah Bass Club Member tournament.

​Mark White and Mitch Murphy, 2nd Place of the Open Tournament.

​Andy and Drew Crabtree, Winners of the River Tournament. 

Bill and Andy Crabtree,Winners of the Open Tournament

Greetings everyone,

    As many of you know we have had a meeting the evening of 4/12/18, during this meeting the subject of a Format Change of Paducah Bass Club was had and then voted on.  Out of 12 members in attendance 6 voted Yes, 3 voted No, and 3 where No vote.  The Action of a Format Change has carried and is now in effect.  I would like to add that if any member chooses to withdrawal membership, your club fee's will be refunded to you upon request. During the following days, I as the webmaster to the webpage and Facebook, I will be changing are club identification on the associated pages.
    We have as well cancelled our 4/14/18 tournament due to participation of only 2 boats and rescheduled it under the new format for 4/21/18 there will be a pre-tournament meeting Thursday Evening 7 pm  4/19/18 for that tournament the location of that meeting is Active Care Chiropractic 3240 Lone Oak Road Paducah KY 42003.  
    In the following days updates to our club rules and bylaws will be made according to the new changes and implemented and distributed to the members of 2018 and updated here on our webpage.  If anyone as any questions I would please ask you to get into contact with me by email at, any paid member can call me on my personal number located on the Roster/Contact form that everyone should have received via email at the first of the season.

​Thank You,
​Chris Brown

​Note: All Paid Members should have received a 2018 updated Roster/Contact information via email.

Big Bass Dreams

Get Out and Fish!​

Greetings Everyone,
Paducah Bass Club will be having its 1st meeting this Saturday 2/16/19 at 3:00 pm. Location : Active Care Chiropractic 3240 Lone Oak Rd. Paducah, KY 42003. I hope to see you there.

Chris Brown

Paducah Bass Club Bring a Friend Tournament

March 24, 2018

Ramp TBD

7am (Safe Light)-3pm


Paducah Bass Club is having an Bring a Friend Club tournament on March 24, 2018 $60 Entry Fee per Boat

100% Payout of Tournament Entry Fee’s

(includes Big Bass) Payouts determined by number of Boats


Maximum 2 per boat, 1 must be Paducah Bass Club member ($25)

A Pre-Tournament meeting will be held on March 22, 2018 @ 7pm

Active Care Chiropractic 3240 Lone Oak Road Paducah Ky, 42003

 (1 member of the team must attend pre-tournament meeting)

·        OVERVIEW: The Paducah Bass Club Bring a Friend Tournament (the “Tournament”) will be held on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.

·        Paducah Bass Club Tournament Rules

·        Sportsmanship, safety, and conservation are expected of each Participant. Any infraction of these principles will be deemed cause for disqualification from a tournament. 

·        Tournaments shall be conducted under the direction of the Paducah Bass Club Tournament Director and the tournament committee.

·        Each participating team shall have at least one active club member in the boat.    

·        4. Tournament entry fee is $60 per boat, with 100% of the entry fees to be paid out. $50 of the entry fee goes toward winner payouts and the $10 goes to team that catches the biggest bass of the tournament. Fees must be paid in cash, preferably at the draw meeting before the tournament. Entry fees will be accepted up to the morning of each tournament by a time specified by the tournament director.    

·        Number of places paid is based on the number of boats as follows: 

                                                                           I.          1 to 5 boats - 1st & 2nd (70%/30%)

                                                          II.          6 to 10 boats – 1st, 2nd and 3rd (70%/20%/10%)

                                              III.          11 to 20 boats - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (70%/15%/%10/5%)


·        Payouts for tournament with greater than 20 boats will be determined by the tournament committee before each tournament.     All payouts will be divided evenly between teams that tie for a position. For instance, if three teams tie for second place, and the tournament is paying through four places, the corresponding percentages for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will be added together and divided by the number of tied teams.    (15%+10%+5%) / 3 = 10%; Each team will receive 10% of the purse 

·        All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before fishing each tournament.   

·        Adherence to all federal, state, and local regulations in effect on the body of that are being fished is required.  Failure to obey will result in disqualification.   

·        No live bait; only artificial lures may be used.    

·        Only one rod in use at a time per person.     

·        No trolling (trailing your line behind your moving boat while being powered by main or auxiliary internal combustion motors).   

·        No fishing within 50 yards (150 feet) of another Paducah Bass Club tournament angler unless all parties agree to fish closer than 50 yards.   

·        Entrants must wear life vests anytime the outboard motor is being operated above idle speed.    

·        All boats must have a properly functioning kill switch for the outboard motor and a functioning live well capable of sustaining the lives of a limit of fish.  

·        No leaving the boat to land fish.   

·        All boats must be within 100 yards of the tournament boat ramp at the end time of the tournament or be disqualified.   

·        Dead fish cannot be culled.  A 1-pound penalty will be assessed at the weigh in for any dead fish weighed.   

·        Any team who brings fish to the scales that fail to measure the legal size will be accessed a penalty of two (2) pounds plus the short fish from his catch.   

·        All fish are considered legally entered into the weigh-in when they are handed to the weigh master.  It the responsibility of the fisherman to ensure their catch is legal.    

·        All fish shall be transported to the scales in a plastic bag containing water. Every effort shall be made to release the fish alive following weigh-in.    

·        All protests must be filed with a tournament committee member no later than ten (10) minutes after the completion of the weigh-in. The tournament committee's decisions are final.   

·        Fishing will only be permitted in waters prescribed at the tournament meetings. The conditions may be different depending on the body of water being fished and it is the responsibility of the fisherman to know where you are permitted to fish.    

·        Once fishing begins, anyone leaving the tournament early prior to the prescribed weigh-in time shall attempt to contact another club member fishing the tournament and advise them of his/her intentions. Participants must remain in the boat during the tournament except to address urgent bodily functions.  If a team has boat maintenance issues and takes the boat out of the water for repairs, they must release any caught fish and have their live well checked prior to resuming fishing.   

·        Fish that may be legally weighed are black bass, Kentucky or spotted bass, and smallmouth. These fish must conform to the state legal size and quantity limits on the body of water being fished. Exception, all fish must at least 15” when fishing Kentucky and Barkley lakes. The maximum limit for each team is five (5) fish. However, lower limits may be set by the tournament director for each tournament based on water and weather conditions that put increased stress on caught fish.   

·        The maximum number of black bass, Kentucky, or smallmouth allowed per boat is the tournament weigh-in limit set forth by rule 24. Culling must occur as soon as the weigh-in limit is exceeded.   

·        The use of cell phones to communicate with anyone for fishing information during tournament hours will result in disqualification.   

·        The use of underwater cameras is prohibited during tournament hours.   

·        Any team that arrives late to the tournament and has paid the entry fees, may still participate in the tournament provided they locate another club team participating in a tournament and have their live well checked before they start fishing.    

·        No alcoholic beverage or illegal drug use by tournament participants is allowed while on the water during tournament hours.

·        Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament director.






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