Get Out and Fish!​

​Paducah Bass Club

​Note: Below are Maps to the approximate location of each tournament, if any member has questions on location please ask during the meeting or contact the Tournament Director (Mitch Murphy).  All members should have received a contact list via email when you joined the club. 

​Note: Maps are not available on Mobile devices, please use desktop version. 


·       March 16 – Ken Lake Marina


·       March 30 – Kuttawa State Ramp


·       April 27 – Eddy Creek Ramp


·       May 25 – BuckHorn Bay Ramp


·       June 15– Kuttawa State Ramp


·       June 22 – Cumberland River Ramp (below the Dam)


·       July 13– Tennessee River Ramp (below the Dam)


·       August 17 – Kentucky Dam Marina


·       September 21– Kuttawa State Ramp



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