Rev. 1 - 4/12/18
2018 Paducah Bass Club Tournament Rules
1. Tournaments shall be conducted under the direction of the Paducah Bass Club Tournament Director and the tournament committee. The tournament director duties and responsibilities can be found in Attachment-A of this document.
2. Club tournaments will be a team format. Club members may fish alone or with a partner. Each participating team shall have at least one active club member in the boat. Neither participant shall have paid, or had others pay for in their behalf, a $1000 entry fee or more for a single bass tournament and be considered a professional angler.
3. Tournament entry fee is $60 per boat, with 100% of the entry fees to be paid out each tournament. $50 of the entry fee goes toward winner payouts and the remaining $10 goes towards the team that catches the biggest bass of the tournament. Fees must be paid in cash, preferably at the draw meeting before the tournament. Entry fees will be accepted up to the morning of each tournament by a time specified by the tournament director.
4. Number of places paid is based on the number of boats as follows: 1 to 5 boats -  1st (100%)
6 to 10 boats – 1st & 2nd (70%/30%)
11 to 20 boats - 1st, 2nd and 3rd (70%/20%/10%)
Payouts for tournament with greater than 20 boats will be determined by the tournament committee before each tournament.
All payouts will be divided evenly between teams that tie for a position. For instance, if three teams tie for second place, and the tournament is paying through four places, the corresponding percentages for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will be added together and divided by the number of tied teams.
(15%+10%+5%) / 3 = 10%; Each team will receive 10% of the purse
Rev. 1 - 4/12/18
5. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before fishing each tournament.
6. Adherence to all federal, state, and local regulations in effect on the body of that are being fished is required. Failure to obey will result in disqualification.
7. No live bait; only artificial lures may be used.
8. Only one rod in use at a time per person.
9. No trolling (trailing your line behind your moving boat while being powered by main or auxiliary internal combustion motors).
10. No fishing within 50 yards (150 feet) of another Paducah Bass Club tournament angler unless all parties agree to fish closer than 50 yards.
11. Entrants must wear Coast Guard approved life vests anytime the outboard motor is being operated above idle speed.
12. All boats must have a properly functioning kill switch for the outboard motor and be attached to the boat operators’ life vest while operating above idle speed. Boats must also have a functioning live well capable of sustaining the lives of a limit of fish.
13. No leaving the boat to land fish.
14. All boats must be within a 100 yards of the tournament boat ramp at the end time of the tournament or be disqualified.
15. Dead fish cannot be culled. A 1 pound penalty will be assessed at the weigh in for any dead fish weighed.
16. Any team who brings fish to the scales that fail to measure the legal size will be accessed a penalty of two (2) pounds plus the short fish from their catch.
Rev. 1 - 4/12/18
17. All fish are considered legally entered into the weigh-in when they are handed to the weigh master. It the responsibility of the fishermen to ensure their catch is legal.
18. All fish shall be transported to the scales in a plastic bag containing water. Every effort shall be made to release the fish alive following weigh-in.
19. All protests must be filed with a tournament committee member no later than ten (10) minutes after the completion of the weigh-in. The tournament committee's decisions are final.
20. Fishing will only be permitted in waters prescribed at the tournament meetings. The conditions may be different depending on the body of water being fished and it is the responsibility of the fisherman to know where you are permitted to fish.
21. Once fishing begins, anyone leaving the tournament early prior to the prescribed weigh-in time shall attempt to contact another club member fishing the tournament and advise them of his/her intentions. Participants must remain in the boat during the tournament except to address urgent bodily functions. If a team has boat maintenance issues and takes the boat out of the water for repairs, they must release any caught fish and have their live well checked prior to resuming fishing.
22. Fish that may be legally weighed are black bass, Kentucky or spotted bass, and smallmouth. These fish must conform to the state legal size and quantity limits on the body of water being fished. Exception, all fish must at least 15” when fishing Kentucky and Barkley lakes. The maximum limit for each team is five (5) fish. However, lower limits may be set by the tournament director for each tournament based on water and weather conditions that put increased stress on caught fish.
Rev. 1 - 4/12/18
23. The maximum number of black bass, Kentucky, or smallmouth allowed per boat is the tournament weigh-in limit set forth by rule 22. Culling must occur as soon as the weigh-in limit is exceeded.
24. The use of cell phones to communicate with anyone for fishing information during tournament hours will result in disqualification.
25. The use of underwater cameras is prohibited during tournament hours.
26. Any team that arrives late to the tournament and has paid the entry fees, may still participate in the tournament provided they locate another club team participating in a tournament and have their live well checked before they start fishing.
27. No alcoholic beverage or illegal drug use by tournament participants is allowed while on the water during tournament hours.


Paducah Bass Club

Tournament Director Duties and Responsibilities



The Tournament Director duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

•      In consultation with the tournament committee, develop a yearly tournament schedule.

•      Oversee the safe and efficient operation and execution of all tournaments. 

•      Make safety determinations as necessary throughout tournament hours and reduce hours if prudent.

•      In consultation with the tournament committee, address and resolve all violations of club rules and bylaws; violations of federal, state, and local rules/regulations/laws as they pertain to Paducah Bass Club tournaments; and member disputes/protests as they pertain to scheduled tournaments.  Decisions of the Tournament Director/Committee are final.

•      Only the Tournament Director in consultation with the tournament committee will have the authority to cancel and/or reschedule established tournaments based on extreme conditions resulting in safety concerns such as environmental conditions, acts of war, acts of God over which the club has no control, or other extreme events yet to be realized. Such determinations will be made no earlier than absolutely necessary, realizing that members have potentially scheduled personal yearly activities around the club tournament schedule.

•      Tournament Director may appoint first, tournament committee members, followed by other club members to assist in carrying out all duties as necessary.


•      At the pre-tournament meeting:


1.      Conduct the draw pairing of boaters/non-boaters

2.      Receive tournament fees

3.      Establish tournament hours

4.      Designate a weigh-master/assistant

5.      Give projected weather report

6.      Identify any boating, ramp, dock hazards

7.      Announce other major tournaments in the area

8.      Describe any off-limits areas

9.      Review pertinent safety/tournament rules


•      At the ramp/dock area prior to tournament start:


1.      Check all tournament boats to ensure live wells are empty

2.      Conduct a cursory boat safety inspection

3.      Ensure boat safety equipment is being operated according to club rules and applicable laws and regulations

4.      Update any safety information

5.      Reminder of weigh-in time (100 yards of launch ramp/dock)

6.      Determine safe light for launch

7.      Release boats by draw number


•      At weigh-in:


1.      Oversee weigh-in activities

2.      Record total fish weight and big bass weight per boat on club tally sheet*

3.      Assess penalty weight as applicable per club rules

4.      Determine payouts based on weights and according to club rules

5.      Ensure all boats and members are accounted for


*Weigh-in/tally sheets will be kept for at least three (3) months beyond the tournament date


aph here.​Notice to all, a Format change has been initiated and has been implemented into the rules and regulations page, we are now a Team Style Club.

If under the Age of 18 please read and sign Parent/Guardian Consent if you choose to join Paducah Bass Club.  Please bring signed copy to Meeting.

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Paducah Bass Club By-Laws

Article I

Name and Purpose

Section 1 – Name: Paducah Bass Club

Section 2 – Purpose:

A.      To actively participate in matters of constructive conservation which concern fishing waters.

B.      To enhance the transfer of invaluable fishing information to individual members.

C.      To encourage instruction and development of fishing skill of the membership and youth of the community.

D.      To afford the opportunity to engage in competitive tournament fishing.


Article II Membership Qualifications

Section 1 – An applicant for membership must:

A.      Express a genuine interest in the principles of the club.

B.      Be in general agreement with the by-laws.

C.      Be sponsored by an active member.

D.      Not have paid a $500 entry fee for a single bass tournament or be considered a professional angler.

E.       Be accepted by the membership by a ¾ majority vote of those members voting. Voting may be by secret ballot if requested by one of the members. The applicant shall be notified by the president of this acceptance or rejection if the applicant is not present at the meeting. F. If accepted by the membership, pay the annual club dues.

Section 2 – A member shall be dropped from the membership roll for the following:

A.      Flagrant and continuous actions or expression demonstrating a belief inconsistent with and contrary to the purpose of the club.

B.      Readmission – any member dropped from the membership roll due to the above stated actions, can be reinstated by a 2/3 majority vote of the members voting the issue providing the person seeking readmission has been granted a hearing by the Board of Directors and as a result of such hearing, the Board of Directors recommends reinstatement. A member reinstated must pay membership dues, if not already paid for the year, prior to participating in any club activity.


Article III

Officers, Elections, Vacancies, and Eligibility

Section 1 – Officers and their duties

A.      President – Presides over all meetings and directs all official business. Appoints and directs all committee functions. Supervises all club functions.

B.      Vice President – Acts as program chairman and club reporter, assists the president in his duties, and presides in the absence of the President.

C.      Secretary – Maintains accurate minutes of all meetings, maintains attendance roster and reports at each meeting.

D.      Treasurer – Maintains accurate financial records, prepares and presents a recommended budget for the membership approval at the beginning of each tournament season. The budget shall contain a line item in the amount of at least $50 for carry over into the next years’ budget for miscellaneous expenses.

E.       Board of Directors – Consist of six (6), two (2) of whom are elected to serve two year terms. The other four (4) are the elected officers.

Section 2 – Elections

A. Elections shall be held in November of each year. Election for each officer shall be held separately in order listed in Article III, Section I. Each officer and director shall hold office until their successors have been duly elected, or their resignation, or they are removed from office, or their death. 

Section 3 – Eligibility to vote

A. Each active club member in good standing is entitled to one vote on all issues brought before the club.

Section 4 – Term of Office

A.      Officers will be elected for a term of one year.

B.      Directors will be elected for a term of two years.

Section 5 – Vacancies

A. In the event on an office becoming vacant, this vacancy will be filled by appointment made by the Board of Directors for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 6 – Eligibility for holding office

A. To be eligible for an office, a member must have been a member for one year.


Article IV 

Meetings and Tournaments

Section 1 – Meetings and Tournaments

A.      Every attempt will be made to hold monthly meetings. During the months with tournaments scheduled, meetings will be held on the Thursday before the upcoming weekends tournament. The tournament draw will be conducted at the Thursday meeting to pair boaters and nonboaters. 

B.      A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

C.      A tournament schedule shall be adopted annually by majority vote of the membership.

D.      This club will have a minimum of seven (7) official “members only” tournaments per year.

E.       This club will may have up to three (3) open tournaments per year with the goal to recruit new members. 


Article V

Rules and Procedures

Section 1 – Rules and Procedures

A.      Time and place of monthly meetings will be determined by the Board of Directors. Every attempt will be made to provide the membership with at least four (4) day notice of any change in time or place of each meeting.

B.      Any special meetings will be designated by the Board of Directors.

C.      All committees and committee chairmen will be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

D.      Interpretation of the by-laws is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and their decision is final.

E.       The Board of Directors and all committees will conduct separate meetings prior to each monthly meeting, when necessary.

F.       All meetings will be conducted by the president or vice president in the absence of the president, or secretary if both the president and vice president are absent, and shall be governed by Roberts’ Rules of Order.

Article VI


Section 1 – Activities

A. Interclub activities will be planned by the committees and voted on by the membership.

Section 2 – Tournament Awards

A. All tournament awards will be 100% payout of the entry fees paid. Number of places paid shall be based on the number of participating boats.

Article VII



Section 1 – Committees

A.      There will be one (1) standing committee (tournament committee) which will function at all times and will consist of at least (3) club members appointed by the president and who are approved by club membership vote.

B.      The following additional committees are authorized and may be appointed by the President at any time a need arises:

                By-laws                                 Membership

                Tournament                       Programs

                Public Relations                Nominating                          


Section 2 – Duties of Committees

A.      By-laws:

1.       Draft any amendment to the by-laws in proper form and submit to the Board of Directors and officers.

2.       Handle all legal actions in regard to the club.


B.      Membership:

1.       Review all tournament and meeting attendance records and take necessary action regarding membership matters.

2.       Handle all membership applications and turnover said applications and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

3.       Notify all absent members of any changes or upcoming events.


C.      Tournament:

1.       Establish tournament schedule through club vote.

2.       Officiate at all tournaments.

3.       Pick locations and times of tournaments.

4.       Select a tournament director from one of the committee members for each club tournament held.

5.       Establish, publish, and maintain written tournament director duties.


D.      Program:

1.       Prepare entertainment program for all meetings and social functions.

2.       Obtain speakers, films, etc., for meetings.


E.       Public Relations:

1.       Arrange all publicity.

2.       Handle all tournament photography.


F.       Nominating:

1.       Propose a slate of officers or directors for the next year.




Article VIII

Amendments to By-Laws


Section 1 – Amendments to by-laws

A.      These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by simple majority of the members present if the amendment is approved by the by-laws committee and the Board of Directors, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership, either at the regular monthly meeting immediately prior the taking of the vote, or by notification of each member not less than fourteen (14) days before the taking of the vote.


B.      These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present regardless of the thoughts of the by-laws committee and Board of Directors if the above stated notice is properly given.

Article VIIII


Section 1 – Policy

A.      All fish weighed in a tournament must be released alive when possible, with the exception being that members may keep a black bass over six (6) pounds or any smallmouth or Kentucky bass weighing over four (4) pounds. All dead fish will be disposed of discretely by the angler(s) that caught the fish.

B.      Sportsmanship, safety, and conservation are expected of each Paducah Bass Club member. Any infraction of these principles will be deemed cause for disqualification from a tournament and expulsion from the Paducah Bass Club.

C.      Cheating during any tournament shall be cause for automatic disqualification from the tournament in which the infraction occurs and immediate expulsion from the club. Cheating is defined as any proven violation of tournament rules, any intensive action taken to cause other club members to be disadvantaged, and failure to abide by club by-laws.

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